About Me


Presley Elise is a 12 year old Fashion Model and Content Creator. Presley began her career in modeling at around 6 months old working with local businesses for advertising. As she’s grown, she’s worked with brands such as Sally Miller, Elisa B, Miss Behave Girls, Petite N Pretty and many more global and locally recognized clothing and product brands.

Previous Little Miss Louisiana United States, and she is also a competitive cheerleader which gained her fame from a young age. Being young and talented and a risk taker in the air. Her workouts and fitness journey have also sparked interest in a lot of people, even those older than her, look up to her.


Presley has always had a love for fashion and beauty. After many years of working with other companies and brands, she wanted to begin her own brand. And so, Presley Elise LLC was born. Presley Elise has gained over 100k followers on Instagram along with almost 50k on Tik Tok. She wants to show other young girls across the world that you’re capable of conquering anything no matter your age, no matter the obstacles.


Presley has a huge love for animals and loves volunteering. Her favorite place to be is outdoors, specifically fishing or at the beach! She hopes to someday pursue a career as a veterinarian or a nurse, helping is what she loves, whether it’s humans or animals.


Presley enjoys donating funds and time, and plans to host random sales where percentages of proceeds will be donated to some of her favorite charities such as St Jude! She’s tiny, but mighty, and so excited for you all to be here and supporting her dreams becoming reality!


Thank you 

Presley Elise & Team✨