River Fun plus some important info 6/5

we hope you all have an amazing weekend! enjoy some fun pics from the river.

I just wanted to take a minute to make a quick post for all fan club groups just some reminders

~ Please do not share content from the website, it doesn't make it anything special when it ends up everywhere. Also, you may want to reread the terms of service if you're considering sharing it, there's a huge fine, when you get caught (trust me you will) we will pursue that to the fullest extent and are fully backed by DMCA for protection.

~ The website only began on 5/15 we're not even a month out. Content is consistent with what was promised prior to you signing up for your said category, there isn't anything before 5/15 as that was the launch date. You pay per month, you don't pay per month and get a years worth of content in one month.

~ If you have interest in purchasing items Presley uses for product sets/videos please reach out in the contacts form. Most items are worn for the advertisement and she doesn't usually use them again.

~ If you want to book Presley for a job, please use the contact us form under the "book" tab on the website.

~Lastly, we're so grateful for all the love and support and we are working on more new designs for the shop if you have ideas or want something specific reach out. Presley also will be trying to do lives on the instagram page at least once a week for Q&A and also to get some ideas for tutorials etc (Queen Of Hearts!) so join in and give her some feedback and get to know her more :)